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Reference # : 157TP-108-02-1-T

Product Description

The TP-108 is manufactured from spring tempered phosphor bronze flat wire using a proprietary process that yields a long life and absolute durability. The use of flat wire provides a larger surface area of mounting, important when considering the mechanical stresses a common to the testing process. The standard TP-108 Test Point has a .0001 minimum matte tin finish over .0001 nickel underplate, is available in .0001 minimum silver over .00005 minimum copper, and is compatible with the reflow soldering process. Units are supplied in tape and reel format on 7' reels for automatic placement systems. The tape format is 8mm wide by 4mm pitch. Black conductive carrier tape conforms to the ANSI/EIA-48 I standard. Offered in Matte Tin and Silver Plated options.

Product certifications may be available for this product. Please email to inquire about available certifications.

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